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Jeepers keepers

USPS dedicates Spooky Silhouettes stamps

Jeff Belanger, host of the PBS series “New England Legends,” addresses the audience at the Oct. 11 dedication ceremony for the Spooky Silhouettes stamps.

The spine-tingling fun of the Halloween season was celebrated during the Oct. 11 dedication ceremony for the Spooky Silhouettes stamps.

“These commemorative Forever stamps highlight the fact that Halloween is the only time of year that we can delight in the things that scare us. The creepy. The eerie. The mysterious. The frightful things that raise hairs and chill spines,” said Marc McCrery, the Postal Service’s vice president of mail entry and payment technology, who spoke at the ceremony.

The four stamps feature digital illustrations with Halloween motifs — including a cat, raven, ghosts, spider and bats — rendered as black silhouettes in windows backlit with eerily evocative shades of green, orange, red and purple.

The stamps are available in panes of 20 at Post Offices and

The event was held at the Milford Pumpkin Festival in Milford, NH, where the other participants were Mark Bender, the town administrator; Matthew Burdette, editor of the Telegraph, a local newspaper; Jeff Belanger, an author and journalist who hosts “New England Legends,” a PBS series; Manya Ziemiecki, a Milford High School sophomore who performed the national anthem; and Simon Brooks, a Halloween storyteller.

“If you think [ghosts are] just a story, I’m here to tell you … I believe because I’ve seen them. I’ve seen them on a stamp,” Belanger said, pointing to the Spooky Silhouettes stamps. “Disbelieve if you will, but that’ll get a letter across the country.”

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