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‘Thank you beyond words’

Adrian, MI, Letter Carrier David Rink

Letter Carrier David Rink was making deliveries last winter in Adrian, MI, when he grew concerned that mail was accumulating for a customer, Luvisa Cousino, who normally emptied her mailbox daily.

Rink alerted a neighbor, and they both checked on Cousino, whom they soon heard weakly crying out for help.

The Postal Service employee and the neighbor found Cousino incapacitated on her living room floor, and paramedics were immediately dispatched to the scene.

Rink and his wife later visited Cousino to give her a plant and wish her a speedy recovery.

Cousino followed up with a letter to Rink.

“Thank you beyond words,” she wrote. “You saved my life. Another day or so, I would not be here.”

She added her gratitude for Rink’s gift, too: “It reminds me what you’ve done for me.”

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