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Santa stories

Share your memories with USPS

Santa looks into mailbox
If you have stories about this guy, USPS wants to know.

If you’re a Postal Service employee who has special memories involving Santa Claus, the organization wants to hear from you.

Each year, USPS offers Operation Santa, a program that allows employees to aid families in need by “adopting” their letters to St. Nick and granting their holiday wishes.

To help promote this year’s program, the Postal Service wants testimonials from employees who’ve participated in the past, as well as those who’ve had unique experiences involving Santa.

Here’s what USPS is seeking:

• Testimonials. Have you ever adopted a letter through Operation Santa and made a child’s wish come true? If so, what made you adopt the letter? How did the experience make you feel?

• Memories. When you were a child, did your family participate in Operation Santa or a similar program? Did you write a letter to Santa that was adopted by someone else? If so, what did you request, and how did you feel when your wish came true?

• Stories. Have you had any memorable interactions with Santa, either as a child or as an adult?

• Pictures. Do you have poignant or historical photos of you and Santa?

Email your memories to

Your contributions — whether they’re sweet, funny or sentimental — could be used to promote Operation Santa in Link stories and other communication channels this holiday season.

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