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Needing a lift

North Reading, MA, Network Specialist James Tracey

Network Specialist James Tracey was on the job recently at the Middlesex-Essex Processing and Distribution Center in North Reading, MA, when a co-worker experienced a medical emergency.

The man, who had been operating a forklift, lost consciousness while sitting upright, leaving him unable to breathe when his head fell forward.

While 911 was called, Tracey rushed to his colleague’s aid. He secured the forklift and moved the man’s head to clear his airway.

Paramedics soon arrived to treat the co-worker, who had come to shortly after Tracey’s assistance.

The man was taken to a hospital. He recovered from the incident and returned to work several days later.

“If James had not reacted quickly and effectively, this could have had a totally different outcome,” said local Transportation and Networks Manager Michele Overton.

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