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Retired general finds career with USPS

Tim Reisch, a new rural carrier associate in Howard, SD, recently retired as a two-star general with the South Dakota National Guard.

Tim Reisch joined the Army National Guard in 1978 when he was just a few years out of high school. More than 40 years later, he retired as a two-star general with the South Dakota National Guard.

Now Reisch, who served as adjutant general when he stepped down in June, has embarked on a new mission in life: delivering mail and packages as a rural carrier associate (RCA) in his hometown of Howard, SD.

“When I was getting close to my retirement date, I was thinking about what I was going to do,” Reisch said. “I didn’t want to work full time, and an RCA position was open where I lived.”

As the governor-appointed adjutant general, Reisch was responsible for the preparation of more than 4,200 South Dakota National Guard soldiers and airmen and more than 1,000 full-time federal and state employees to respond in times of a state or national emergency.

As an RCA, he is responsible for 137 miles and 227 delivery points.

“People at the Howard Post Office have been very tolerant of me,” said Reisch. “It’s pretty humbling coming in because there is so much to learn.”

After almost two months on the job, Reisch’s experience has included driver’s training, time at an RCA academy and filling in for the regular carrier. To help him better learn the job, he’ll have another resource available to him — his son.

Reisch’s eldest son, Trevor, is a full-time rural carrier in nearby Mitchell, SD. Trevor also served in the South Dakota Army National Guard.

“He followed me into the Army, and I followed him into the Postal Service,” Reisch said.

When Reisch isn’t delivering the mail, he works on his family farm raising corn and soybeans, and tending horses owned by his wife and daughter. Trevor helps out on his days off.

While he may be eligible to retire, Reisch has no immediate plans to do so and is looking forward to his time with USPS.

“We’re all thankful for the many years of service Tim has given to our country,” said Howard, SD, Postmaster Conda Green. “I’m especially grateful that he’s chosen to give a few more to the Postal Service.”

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