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After the storms

PERF, EAP assistance available

High water warning sign
USPS workers who experience natural disasters can seek help from the Postal Employees’ Relief Fund and the USPS Employee Assistance Program.

The Postal Employees’ Relief Fund and the USPS Employee Assistance Program are available to aid workers affected by Hurricane Dorian, Tropical Storm Imelda and other natural disasters.

Imelda recently caused significant flooding in parts of Texas, while Dorian devastated the Bahamas before it tore through parts of North Carolina, South Carolina and other areas in early September.

The relief fund, also known as PERF, isn’t an emergency services organization like the American Red Cross or insurance companies that are paid to replace property.

Instead, the fund provides relief grants to help qualifying individuals obtain basic necessities after a loss.

PERF also helps postal employees and retirees whose homes were significantly damaged by other disasters, such as tornadoes, earthquakes and house fires.

The assistance program, also known as EAP, helps employees and family members cope with a variety of situations, including life-altering disasters, changes at work and more routine matters.

The PERF and EAP sites have more information.

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