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Giving cards credit

10 reasons to love greetings by mail

Like their customers, many Postal Service employees love to mail and receive greeting cards.

To help mark Thinking of You Week, Link asked USPS employees why greeting cards still resonate with them. Here’s what some had to say.

1. They get the words just right. “I often think ‘I couldn’t have said it better myself’ when I find the right one,” said Anchorage, AK, Business Mail Entry Manager Beverly Christie.

2. They make customers happy. “I make sure to put greeting cards on top of customers’ mail so they’re the first thing they see when they open the mailbox,” said El Paso, TX, City Carrier Assistant Tiffany Brown.

3. They’re a great bargain. “Spending only a few bucks to make someone’s day is such a value,” said Manasota, FL, Business Mail Entry Supervisor Maria Stewart.

4. Smiles are 2 for 1. “I love seeing the smiles on customers’ faces when they open their Post Office Boxes and retrieve greeting cards,” said Rush, CO, Retail Associate Michelle Kilgore. “Inevitably, the rest of their mail is set aside. The sender of the card may never know that the card they had intended to elicit one smile actually prompted two.”

5. They make a difference in tough times. “When my husband died unexpectedly, all the thoughts, memories and well wishes I received via cards were so comforting to read,” said Stuart, NE, Postmaster Barbara Steskal.

6. College students appreciate them. “My kids and I text and email almost every day, but I like to surprise them every once in a while with a card telling them how very proud I am of them,” said Sierra Coastal District Sales Manager Rosie Beattie.

7. They mean a lot to members of the military, too. “My godson recently joined the Army and I am so very proud of him,” said Santa Ana, CA, Mail Handler Equipment Operator Jane Trejo. “It’s important for him to receive encouragement and to be reminded how much we love him.”

8. They’re perfect for special stamps. “What a fun time I have matching stamps to the interests of my family and friends,” said Bairoil, WY, Postmaster Relief Dee Garrison. “What a great way to promote the Postal Service.”

9. The memories never fade… “I still read the cards of encouragement my parents sent to me while I was homesick at college 40 years ago,” said Jefferson, NY, Postmaster Lorraine Ziek. “My parents are both gone now, but when I see their handwriting, and the love, I remember why it is so important to appreciate the people in your life today.”

10. …Neither does the love. “I have cards that my grandparents sent to me that I treasure,” said Farwell, TX, Postmaster Leesa Davis. “It’s like I still possess a piece of their hearts because they cared enough to send me a card. Love in an envelope.”

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