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Business Connect

Kit to explain mail marketing efforts

A new Business Connect kit aims to explain the organization’s efforts to make mail more competitive in the marketplace.

Postmasters, managers and supervisors will soon receive materials to help them discuss efforts to “reposition” mail and generate new revenue for USPS.

The materials are part of a Business Connect kit that is slated to arrive at Post Offices and other facilities this week.

The kit includes talking points and other guidance that recipients can use when meeting with local business people. The materials explain the Postal Service’s repositioning campaign, which aims to ensure businesses recognize mail as an effective marketing channel.

Additionally, the kit explains changes to the Business Connect recognition program. Under the changes, customer services supervisors will be eligible to receive recognition.

The kit is expected to reach recipients during the week of Sept. 23.

Business Connect has generated more than $320 million during the current fiscal year, which ends this month.

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