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Link seeks employees helped by CFC

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Linda Williams-Brettingen, an organizational development specialist at USPS headquarters in Washington, DC, supports Combined Federal Campaign charities involved in breast cancer research.

Link wants to hear from Postal Service employees who have benefited from the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC), the annual charity drive that began last week.

Each year, employees share stories about how various CFC member charities have helped them or their loved ones.

For example, during the previous campaign cycle, Link highlighted:

• Israel Lopez, a Cleveland letter carrier who is thankful to one CFC charity for providing a room for his family at the hospital where his infant son was hospitalized.

• Thomas Jasak, a Vaucluse, SC, postal support employee who credits several CFC organizations for medical research that helped his daughter, who has neurological disorders.

• Dolores Williams, an Edison, NJ, customer care agent who is grateful to a CFC member charity for paying for her cancer treatment.

• Linda Williams-Brettingen, a Washington, DC, organizational development specialist and breast cancer survivor who supports charities involved in breast cancer research.

If you or a loved one has benefited from a CFC charity, let Link know. Send an email to and a member of the team will be in touch.

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