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No package, no problem

Package Less Returns option being tested

Through the Package Less Returns service test, items can be shipped in USPS-supplied poly bags.

USPS will test a service that allows customers to ship returns to merchants when they no longer have the original packaging for the item.

The Package Less Returns service will be tested at 53 sites in Southern Area’s Dallas District that are equipped with Retail Systems Software (RSS) workstations.

The returned merchandise will be shipped in USPS-supplied poly bags, available in two sizes: 12 inches by 15 inches, and 15 inches by 22 inches.

Here’s how Package Less Returns will work:

• A customer brings the unpackaged item to be returned to a USPS location with RSS workstations.

• The customer presents a QR code or 8-10-digit label broker ID code sent to him or her by the merchant.

• A retail associate scans the QR code or manually enters the label broker ID code into the RSS system.

• The retail associate then selects “Label Broker” from the “RSS Mailing/Shipping” menu.

• The RSS system prints an Intelligent Mail package barcode (IMpb) label.

• The retail associate places the item into the appropriate poly bag, affixes the IMpb label on the bag, secures the bag and dispatches it, according to local procedures.

The test, which is slated to begin this week and continue through Jan. 17, 2020, will determine the viability of the Package Less Returns option as an ongoing consumer service.

The test is part of the Postal Service’s broader efforts to continue growing its package delivery and returns business. Last year, USPS delivered 6.2 billion packages, almost twice the number delivered a decade earlier.

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