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Making a difference

Greensboro District Mailing Requirements Clerk Katrina Pinnix

Katrina Pinnix is always ready to get down to business.

Pinnix, a mailing requirements clerk for Capital Metro Area’s Greensboro District, works closely with local business customers, helping them understand what’s needed to ensure their mailpieces are delivered promptly.

“[It’s] what I enjoy most,” she says.

USPS encourages employees to take a similar customer-centric approach to their work.

By delivering excellent service — one of the organization’s core strategies — the Postal Service aims to win customers’ business, drive loyalty and generate revenue.

To help other employees achieve these goals, Pinnix offers these tips:

• Know your stuff. Educate yourself on USPS products and services and understand how the organization operates.

In Pinnix’s case, she draws upon her extensive experience: She began her postal career more than three decades ago as a letter sorting machine operator and has spent the past 19 years serving in various retail, Business Service Network and mailing requirements roles.

• Treat customers with respect. “How one speaks and interacts with people makes a difference,” Pinnix says.

“I show interest in a mailer’s needs, use listening skills and ask questions to determine how …    USPS can be most helpful to the mailer. Then I educate them on our services.”

• Perform your duties well. For Pinnix, this means verifying and processing mailings, including testing them to ensure they’re compatible with the Postal Service’s automated processing equipment before they enter the mailstream.

It all comes down to ensuring customers get the attention they deserve.

Says Pinnix: “After I learn about their businesses and determine their needs, it feels good to be able to provide guidance on the best mailing options for them.”

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