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Sharpening skills

Detroit District Learning Development and Diversity Specialist Sandra Willis

My name is Sandra Willis, and I’m a learning development and diversity specialist for Detroit District. I assist employees with their training needs and requests.

I work with six colleagues. I serve as the coordinator for the district’s leadership programs, including Management Essentials for Field Leadership and Postmaster Essentials; ensure employees complete their Strategic Learning Initiative training on time; and schedule new Executive and Administration Schedule and craft employees for training classes and self-development courses.

I also like to say I’m the “office greeter” because when you enter our office, I’m the first person you usually see.

Training is what I love to do. I taught school for 10 years, even while working for the Postal Service. I enjoy helping others be all that they can be.

My postal career began in 1993. I previously worked for the Internal Revenue Service. My best friend worked for the Postal Service and told me, “You should come to USPS. You could be a supervisor.” I left the IRS on a Friday and started at the Postal Service on Saturday.

I began as a part-time flexible mail handler. I wasn’t used to working midnight shifts and weekends; sometimes I never knew what day it was. I later became a distribution operations supervisor at the Detroit Network Distribution Center.

When I’m not working, I enjoy spending time with my family, including my husband and four grown children.

The Postal Service is a great job. It is a brand that’s recognized and trusted. It’s not always easy, but there are opportunities here. You just have to stick to it, stay and do well.

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