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MEPT changes

Group restructured to improve service

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Mail Entry and Payment Technology has been restructured to better serve commercial customers, including those who use USPS shipping services.

The Postal Service is making changes within its Mail Entry and Payment Technology (MEPT) structure to better serve the organization and its commercial customers.

Under the changes, which were announced Aug. 31, Commercial Acceptance will comprise both the Mail Entry and Major Mailer Support functions, and Business Acceptance Solutions will include the Business Acceptance Performance team (previously Business Mailer Support).

“With these changes, MEPT will be better aligned to develop advanced technological solutions for our commercial mailers and to provide a world-class customer experience,” said Mail Entry and Payment Technology Vice President Marc McCrery. “These changes will also help to support the new virtual Mailing and Shipping Solutions Center and facilitate efficiencies across the organization.”

Here’s a closer look at the major teams within MEPT and their responsibilities:

• Business Acceptance Solutions is responsible for procedures, initiatives and policy for the Mailing and Shipping Solutions Center, a centralized help desk that provides assistance to commercial customers with their mailing and shipping needs.

This group also will define and implement business mail entry strategies, identify training requirements for new and existing programs, and establish quality metrics for business mail acceptance employees.

• Commercial Acceptance is responsible for developing acceptance, verification and entry procedures for commercial mail and packages.

• Commercial Payment is responsible for defining payment procedures, policies and initiatives for PC Postage and meter vendors, as well as ensuring secure and accurate postage payment through the Enterprise Payment System and Automated Package Verification programs.

• Commercial Systems is responsible for overseeing the information technology portfolio within MEPT and serving as a liaison between IT and USPS to support various postal systems.

The Mail Entry and Payment Technology Blue page has more information about the organization.

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