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Animal rescue worker thanks USPS

A new video shows how an animal rescue organization relies on USPS to serve its customers.

Elysa’s Story features Elysa Hellermann, who helps run the Park City, UT-based organization.

“USPS has been a great asset to doing what we do,” she says.

The video shows Hellermann printing a shipping label, preparing a package and taking it to the local Post Office, where she’s served by Retail Associate Carlos Vilchez.

She praises him for helping her to “find the most cost-effective way to get my stuff out. Because every dollar really does count.”

The video is part of a new #PostalProud campaign that features employees and customers expressing appreciation for USPS and for each other.

The campaign also includes Beyond the Blue, an initiative that features employees throughout the organization answering the question, “Who is your customer and how do you serve them?”

In addition to being available on the Link site, you can watch the video on the #PostalProud Blue and LiteBlue pages, which have previous videos about USPS employees and their contributions.

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