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Propensity for the positive

Malad City, ID, Retail Associate Tracy Adams
Malad City, ID, Retail Associate Tracy Adams

Tracy Adams is positively postal proud.

“I like to finish what I start each day, and the Post Office provides that for me,” says Adams, a Malad City, ID, retail associate.

“I come to work, sort new mail, serve different customers, work with some great employees and, at the end of the day, I feel a great sense of accomplishment.”

USPS encourages employees to take this kind of approach to their work.

The organization has made engaging, equipping and empowering employees a core strategy. Research shows that workers who feel engaged deliver better customer service, have better attendance rates and work safer.

To help her colleagues feel postal pride, Adams offers these tips:

• Treat customers well. Whether your “customers” are members of the public or your own co-workers, strive to make them feel important.

“I smile, am friendly, welcome the customer, focus on them, take care of their mailing needs and wish them a nice day,” she says.

• Get along with your colleagues. Adams, one of five siblings, learned early the importance of getting along with others.

“It’s like a family here,” she says of her colleagues. “We care about each other. We all feel like equals when we come to work, and we’re in this thing together.”

• Be positive. The way Adams sees it, the glass isn’t just full — it’s overflowing.

“I try to always be positive and grateful,” she says. “Life is so much better when you look at the positive.”

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