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Uniform guidebook available

Postal Uniform Guidelines features color, head-to-toe images of actual USPS employees.

USPS is reminding managers and supervisors about Postal Uniform Guidelines, a pictorial guidebook they can use to help ensure employees wear their uniforms properly.

The 21-page guidebook features color, head-to-toe images of actual letter carriers, retail associates and motor vehicle operators dressed in everything from year-round uniforms to cold weather postal attire.

Managers and supervisors are encouraged to use the guidebook to help ensure employees always wear their uniforms properly.

“It is imperative that USPS employees maintain a high standard of dress and make a consistent effort to project a professional appearance while on duty,” the guidebook states.

The Postal Service released the guidebook last year and mailed copies to Post Offices across the nation.

The guidebook also is available in a digital format and on the Postal Communicator’s Toolbox Blue page.

The Postal Uniform Guidelines book is part of the Postal Service’s broader efforts to promote and protect its brand and provide customers with excellent experiences.

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