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Clean slate

Postmaster takes pride in office’s appearance

Relief Postmaster Christy Nelson
Relief Postmaster Christy Nelson says everything has its proper place at the Cornell, MI, Post Office.

The Cornell, MI, Post Office may be a small facility, but it has earned a big reputation for keeping things clean.

It’s all thanks to relief Postmaster Christy Nelson, whose attention to detail has not gone unnoticed.

“She is so proud of the work she does and how the office looks to the local community,” said Nelson’s administrative Postmaster, Chrissie Conery.

When Information Technology Manager Chris Wrbelis recently visited Nelson’s office to perform computer repairs, he couldn’t help but take photos of what he saw.

“The floors were clean enough to eat off of,” he said.

Nelson appreciates the accolades and said keeping her office clean is just another example of showing respect for the Postal Service and the people she serves.

“My customers are the reason for being here,” she said. “They are my neighbors and members of my local community.”

Greater Michigan District Manager Krista Finazzo praised Nelson for taking pride in the appearance of her surroundings and understanding how important that is to the USPS brand.

“You define what it means to be postal proud,” Finazzo said. “Thank you for your commitment to your community and presenting a positive image of the postal brand for all of us.”

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