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First steps

Honolulu District Training Technician Naupaka Hanchett

My name is Naupaka Hanchett, and I’m a training technician for Honolulu District. I love my job because it calls upon all my skills and talents to get everything done.

I’m responsible for all the classroom training and online training for our employees. I will facilitate travel for new hires up to and including blocking hotel rooms and helping to calculate their per diem.

I conduct orientation classes with new hires, introducing them to the way we do business in the Postal Service and informing them on just what will be expected from them during their postal careers. I also coordinate entry into postal facilities and issue badges.

Additionally, I design and set up the training rooms — from flooring to furniture to large screen monitors — in an effort to modernize the training facility and office spaces.

Along with my primary duties, I’m also involved with organizing our district safety symposiums, which involves selecting and working with the venues, arranging for meals, wrapping prizes, coordinating décor and favors, and running games and activities.

Working on our annual career conference is a mammoth task that requires on-site visits to the venue, designing flyers, working on the conference agendas and speaker schedules, compiling RSVP lists and figuring out menus, right down to calculating exactly how many gallons of coffee are needed.

Whenever I’m not at work, I’m traveling the world with my fiancé, who is a customer services supervisor for USPS.

My job is challenging and my days fly by at a mile a minute, but I wouldn’t trade it for any other. I love working with people and helping them take the first step toward success in their postal careers.

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