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Call her ‘Mom’

Versatile carrier helps train postal personnel

Anchorage, AK, Letter Carrier Kim Garrison says she enjoys helping USPS newcomers learn the ropes.

Kim Garrison is fondly called “Mom” by her Postal Service co-workers. She appreciates the compliment.

“I like to take care of people. It’s in my nature. It’s just who I am,” said Garrison, an Anchorage, AK, letter carrier who credits her nurturing personality to being raised with five siblings.

When she’s not delivering mail, Garrison, who works at Eastchester Station, trains new employees — including fellow carriers.

“There are 100 things to remember as a carrier and you do 95 of those without thinking. New carriers are trying to remember everything, and it can be daunting,” she said.

The key to learning is having a good attitude, according to Garrison.

“If you … are willing to learn, experienced carriers will do everything to help you. It’s hard to teach someone who has a bad attitude,” she said.

Garrison, who also serves as a safety coordinator, has become integral to USPS, according to Customer Services Manager Brett Von Halle.

“Kim is the consummate professional. … She is, without a doubt, the type of employee that any office would be fortunate to have on their team,” he said.

Said Garrison: “I like helping people. It’s hugely satisfying when I receive a text from a carrier saying, ‘I passed my 90-day probation.’ … That support system is so important.”

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