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Washington, DC, Postal Inspector Keith Nusbaum

My name is Keith Nusbaum, and I’m a postal inspector in the Postal Inspection Service’s Washington, DC, division. My job is to make sure USPS employees and customers have trust in the mail system and know that we are here to protect them.

I’ve worked on a variety of investigations in my four years with the Inspection Service, including serving on a team that investigated mail fraud cases involving white collar crime and scams targeting the elderly. Currently, I’m on a detail assignment with global security, where I work on international mail matters. A primary focus is making sure the mail coming into the United States is safe and that criminals aren’t using the mail system to ship illegal drugs and goods.

My postal career began with USPS, where I worked as a lawyer for four years before joining the Inspection Service in 2016. I made the switch to law enforcement to be able to implement the various security and safety policies that I helped develop on the postal side.

I come from a postal family. My grandfather was a letter carrier and route supervisor in Toledo, OH, for 38 years. Other family members have also worked for the Postal Service.

My free time is primarily spent with my family. My wife, Natalie, and I have two kids: a son, Calder, who is 18 months old, and a daughter, Coralie, who is 4.

Playing ice hockey is one of my favorite pastimes. I’m also a pilot, and I’ve spent the past few years building my own four-seat airplane. I’m hoping to have it complete by 2021.

I enjoy being a postal inspector because it’s a unique law enforcement role. I protect people and ensure the safe and secure delivery of mail.

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