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News Quiz: Remember what you read?

Do you know where USPS will hold a career conference this weekend for employees interested in headquarters jobs?

Here’s Link’s latest “News Quiz,” a weekly feature that invites readers to test their knowledge of recent stories. The correct answers appear at the end.

1. The Postal Service will hold a career conference from Aug. 17-18 for employees interested in jobs at USPS headquarters in Washington, DC. Where will the conference take place?

a) Eagan, MN
b) Norman, OK
c) Potomac, MD
d) Washington, DC

2. To help employees find sales leads for USPS, which of the following tips are offered by Greater Michigan District Business Development Specialist Rob Gardner?

a) Cast a wide net
b) Spot opportunities
c) Start conversations
d) All of the above

3. Fill in the blank: The National Rural Letter Carriers’ Association membership recently ratified a new labor contract with the Postal Service that runs through May (blank).

a) 2020
b) 2021
c) 2022
d) 2023

4. Where was the Woodstock Music and Art Festival held in August 1969?

a) Bethel, NY
b) Saugerties, NY
c) Wallkill, NY
d) Woodstock, NY

5. Match the stamps in Column A with the city where they were dedicated in Column B.

Column A
a) Frogs
b) Military Working Dogs
c) 1969: First Moon Landing
d) State and County Fairs

Column B
I) Boise, ID
II) Merritt Island, FL
III) Minot, ND
IV) Omaha, NE

Answers: 1) b. 2) d. 3) b. 4) a. 5) a. I., b. IV., c. II., d. III.

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