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Intern promotes Informed Delivery’s benefits

Smiling young woman holds smartphone displaying Informed Delivery message
Angella Osinde, a Pacific Area marketing intern, is helping USPS find new ways to promote Informed Delivery.

A Postal Service intern is spending her summer spreading the word about Informed Delivery.

Angella Osinde, a marketing intern at Pacific Area’s office in San Diego, is working on a project to help employees learn more about the mail notification feature.

“Increasing awareness for Informed Delivery starts with postal employees … who have direct contact with customers every day,” she said.

Informed Delivery allows users to digitally preview their incoming mail and manage their packages from computers, smartphones and other devices.

Increasing the number of users — currently more than 18 million — will help USPS attract businesses that want to add interactive content to Informed Delivery emails. This will extend the “life” of the businesses’ mailpieces, keep mail relevant and boost postal revenue.

During her project, Osinde visited Post Offices to evaluate the effectiveness of Informed Delivery signage, help employees download the Informed Delivery enrollment app on their postal smartphones, and answer customers’ questions.

The Postal Service’s other efforts to boost the number of Informed Delivery users include the Inform 5 campaign, which encourages employees to tell at least five customers each day about Informed Delivery.

“By providing stations with resources to promote Inform 5, our employees can share with customers how physical mail can be enhanced in today’s highly digital environment,” said Dee Moore, a San Diego District business development specialist and Informed Delivery ambassador for Pacific Area.

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