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Got ID?

USPS clarifies acceptable identification forms

Customers must show an acceptable form of identification to pick up various types of mail and apply for other services.

The Postal Service recently updated the list of acceptable forms of identification that customers must show for picking up various types of mail and applying for other services.

The Domestic Mail Manual (DMM) now features a section, 608.10.0, Forms of Identification, that details acceptable forms of ID.

The update clarifies previous guidance for identification that varied from the DMM, the Post Office Operations Manual, the International Mail Manual and

According to the update, primary forms of identification required for USPS products and services include certain U.S. state or federal government IDs, U.S. or foreign passports, Matricula Consular cards from Mexico and Nexus cards from Canada.

U.S. corporate, university and college photo IDs are accepted in limited cases.

However, some services may require a secondary form of ID to confirm a physical address for establishing service.

The update aims to ensure the DMM regulations for acceptable forms of identification are followed consistently.

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