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Pledging allegiance

Employee proud to become U.S. citizen

Albany, NY, Retail Associate Inderpreet “Indy” Gill achieved a longtime dream of becoming a U.S. citizen in the spring.

Inderpreet “Indy” Gill recently recited a long-awaited oath to fulfill her dream of U.S. citizenship.

The Albany, NY, retail associate became a citizen in the spring after leaving her home in India several years ago to start a new life.

“I wanted to jump up and down,” Gill said of becoming a citizen.

The freedom of working and living in the United States gave Gill “a sense of belonging,” she said, adding that she’s grateful that her two children were able to receive American college educations.

Gill began the immigration application and interview process last fall, then took part in the citizenship ceremony in May.

One of her customers happened to be in the building where the ceremony took place and decided to stay after learning Gill was about to take her oath.

Gill’s colleagues are also happy for her.

“She has worked toward citizenship for a number of years and is very excited to be able to begin processing passports,” said Albany Development and Diversity Training Technician Cathy Williams.

Though Gill has realized her citizenship dream, she’s very grateful for the opportunity to work for the Postal Service.

“It’s my dream come true,” she said.

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