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On the lookout

Greater Michigan District Business Development Specialist Rob Gardner

Rob Gardner is always looking for ways to help the Postal Service grow.

The Greater Michigan District business development specialist spends a lot of time promoting the organization’s lead generation programs, which allow employees to submit potential sales leads that can help USPS generate new revenue.

“We have made a commitment to our craft employees that we will make contact the same day we get their leads in our queue,” Gardner says. “Our employees know that we do whatever we can do get the process started.”

To help employees find sales leads to submit, Gardner offers three tips:

• Cast a wide net. A lead doesn’t have to come from an employee’s route or office. A lead can be submitted from anywhere, such as while on vacation or when visiting a friend in a different city.

• Spot the opportunity. If you visit a business and see boxes with other shippers’ labels on them, submit the company as a lead.

• Start a conversation. If you’re in a restaurant and notice that it isn’t full, talk to the manager to see if business is down. Every Door Direct Mail could get that restaurant more business.

“With e-commerce, there are a lot of people starting their own shops. Ask your family and friends,” Gardner says. “Chances are, they are going to know someone who has a startup business out of their home.”

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