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New stamps

Purple Heart Medal, dates announced

USPS will honor the sacrifices of U.S. military members with a Purple Heart Medal stamp.

The Postal Service has announced release dates for two stamps and plans for a third.

The latest Literary Arts stamp, which will honor Walt Whitman, will be released Thursday, Sept. 12, while the Winter Berries stamps will be released Tuesday, Sept. 17.

USPS announced both stamps last fall.

Additionally, the Postal Service unveiled plans this week for a Purple Heart Medal stamp to honor the sacrifices of the men and women who served in the U.S. military.

The stamp will be a redesigned version of the 2012 Purple Heart Medal stamp and feature a purple border matching the brilliant purple of the medal and its ribbon.

Ira Wexler photographed the medal, while William J. Gicker served as art director and Bryan Duefrene designed the stamp.

More details about the stamp will be announced later.

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