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Solving puzzles

Indianapolis Business Mail Entry Supervisor Terri Beckham

My name is Terri Beckham, and I’m a business mail entry supervisor in Indianapolis.

Business mail entry units (BMEUs) provide services to business mailers. We’re involved in the acceptance and verification of business mailings, and we also provide employees to verify mailings on-site at companies that handle business mailings.

There are no “normal” duties at a BMEU. Every day is different. We spend a lot of time solving problems with our customers’ mailings. As my manager once told me, “It is like trying to put together a giant jigsaw puzzle, but the pieces keep changing.”

I joined the Postal Service in 1995 as a mail processing clerk. I have been with the BMEU in Indianapolis for almost nine years. I was promoted to supervisor in 2016.

As the Postal Service moves further into the 21st century with new technology, someone must know how to use it. That is where training comes in. I hope to pass down the skills I have learned as well as train and mentor employees.

I really like talking to employees about some of the machinery that has come and gone. In our BMEU, automation has taken over some of the verifications we do.

Our jobs are changing as to how we serve our customers. We now monitor and advise on the “mailers’ scorecard” to show customers how they are doing. The objective is to minimize handling and provide speedy and accurate delivery of the mail.

As a Postal Service employee, I know that the future of USPS is in our hands. We want to ensure that we pass down a viable product that will endure.

From maintenance employees to letter carriers to clerks and drivers and everyone in between, we move this mail every day. We are one Postal Service, and that’s why I love my job.

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