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‘Full’ speed ahead

Video highlights USPS deliveries

A new fast-paced video shows how USPS is “blurring the lines” between physical mail and digital communication to become a “driving force” in online commerce.

Full Throttle,” a 1-minute production, features a driving score, flashing messages instead of narration and quick-cut editing.

Technology is keeping the Postal Service “ahead of every curve” and “out front in a changing world,” the messages state.

Images of customers shopping online, opening packages and using mobile devices are interspersed with shots of postal vehicles on the road, employees at work and mailpieces speeding through processing plants.

Through services such as Informed Delivery, the Postal Service is “blurring the lines between physical and digital, all while making 159 million [delivery] stops a day,” according to the video.

The segment concludes: “We are off to the races. This is today’s United States Postal Service. On time, on track [and] driving America forward full throttle.”

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