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Thank you, come again

Carmel, IN, Retail Associate Courtney Wells
Carmel, IN, Retail Associate Courtney Wells

Courtney Wells believes that a good first impression leads to repeat business.

The Carmel, IN, retail associate greets every customer who comes into the Post Office, a gesture she says goes a long way.

“It makes them feel good and want to come back,” Wells says.

The Postal Service encourages employees to take this approach, part of the organization’s broader strategies to build customer loyalty and grow revenue.

Be mindful of your actions, Wells says.

“Customers can tell when you don’t like your job or if you’re treating it like it’s just a paycheck,” she says.

Wells has other advice to help employees create positive customer interactions:

• Show you care. Customers are watching how you interact with them and how you handle their mail. “If you don’t care about your job, it shows,” she says.

• Show your respect. When interacting with a customer, treat him or her the way you expect to be treated. “If I don’t get greeted when I walk into a business, I don’t want to come back,” Wells says.

• Show you want their business. Customers have other options. Work to deliver a good impression to encourage them to come back to USPS.

“I enjoy my job and helping customers with their mail,” Wells says. “If someone tells me I lifted their spirits, it makes my day as well.”

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