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Sparking interest

District hosts fair for job applicants

Four people looking at computer screens.
West Milwaukee Customer Services Supervisor Dray Norwood, left, and Mail Handler Dave Feely assist applicants at the Milwaukee Main Post Office’s recent job fair.

Great Lakes Area’s Lakeland District recently hosted a two-week career fair that drew almost 1,000 Postal Service job aspirants.

The event, held at the Milwaukee Main Post Office, was part of an effort to help fill hundreds of open positions throughout the district.

Human Resources Manager Diana Nygaard said the fair was designed to spark attendees’ interest in Postal Service careers.

“We decided to hold this job fair as a one-stop shop way for them to get the information and to apply while they are here,” she said.

Employees like Dray Norwood, a West Milwaukee customer services supervisor, were on hand to talk about their own careers and answer questions about working at USPS.

“The thing I love about the Post Office is that there is no ceiling on your opportunity for growth,” he said. “You might come in the door as a carrier, but may finish your career as a Postmaster somewhere.”

Oconomowoc, WI, Rural Carrier Lisa Wojnarowski said she was glad to see USPS working to attract new employees.

“I bleed postal blue,” Wojnarowski said. “I believe the job fair is a great place to help people start having their dreams come true.”

USPS districts also hold career conferences throughout the year for employees seeking professional development opportunities. The conferences are part of the organization’s broader efforts to engage, equip and empower workers, a core strategy.

The Career Conferences Blue page has more information, including a list of upcoming conferences.

Said Norwood: “If you want to do something different in the Post Office, the jobs are here. You just have to apply yourself and go for it.”

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