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Running on all cylinders

Merrifield, VA, Lead Automotive Technician Dennis Aniagu

My name is Dennis Aniagu, and I’m the lead automotive technician at the USPS Vehicle Maintenance Facility in Merrifield, VA. I help keep Postal Service vehicles moving.

This is a big facility. We fix LLVs, trailers — any type of postal vehicle. We do the electrical work, the air conditioning and the mechanics. We’ll also fix broken doors or locks. Our objective is to make sure the problem — whatever it is — doesn’t reoccur.

I’m also a safety ambassador. When I arrive each morning, the first thing I do is walk around the shop to make sure it’s safe, clean and there are no spills. I don’t want anyone slipping and falling.

The job changes every day. We have new vehicles and new equipment, so we have to keep up. We work hard to keep the Postal Service vehicles safe and on the road.

I came to USPS 14 years ago. I was working two full-time mechanic jobs in two different places. At the time, I saw an ad for job openings on the back of a postal vehicle and thought there’s no harm in trying. I applied, took the exam and passed. I also did drivers’ training because we have to be able to test drive every vehicle we fix here to make sure everything is in order.

I have five grown children. My oldest son is studying to be a civil engineer, my daughter is a finance manager, my other daughter is a nurse, my youngest son is into electronics and my youngest daughter is finishing her medical education.

The Postal Service has given me an opportunity to improve my skills and further my career. USPS has good benefits and managers who listen to you when you have problems. I didn’t have all of that before I came here. The Postal Service has been ideal for me.

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