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Cybersecurity courses

Training must be completed by Aug. 20

All Postal Service employees must complete three mandatory cybersecurity training courses by Aug. 20.

The Postal Service has introduced three courses that employees must complete as part of their annual cybersecurity training.

The deadline to complete the courses is Tuesday, Aug. 20.

Each course provides instructions on how to safeguard postal and consumer data from cyberthreats.

Employees who don’t complete the training by the deadline will have limited ACE system access until the courses are completed.

Here’s an overview:

• CyberSafe Fundamentals Part I and CyberSafe Fundamentals Part II. These courses provide employees with the information they’ll need to protect USPS from cyberthreats.

• CyberSafe 201: Data Protection. This course offers best practices for handling sensitive and sensitive-enhanced information to secure USPS information assets.

Employees must use the HERO portal to complete each course.

For more information, go to the Corporate Information Security Office Training Blue page or send an email to

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