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Always on

Postal employee standing in a USPS plant.
Manassas, VA, Retail Associate Angela Yoshikawa

Angela Yoshikawa believes versatility is a virtue.

The Manassas, VA, retail associate wears many hats each day. Sometimes she serves customers at the Post Office counter; other times, she’s behind the scenes, sorting mail or working with business customers.

“I work where I am needed,” Yoshikawa says.

Whether she’s doing “back of the house” work at the Post Office or helping customers out front, she strives to deliver excellent service — an approach USPS wants all employees to take.

To help her colleagues meet this goal, Yoshikawa offers three suggestions:

• Be empathetic. This is especially important if you encounter customers who have a language barrier. “I lived in Japan many years ago. I couldn’t say one word in Japanese, so I understand the challenge,” she says.

• Be calm. “Sometimes customers might scream at you. Don’t take it personally. Let them say what they have to say.”

• Be thorough. For example, if you’re sorting packages, make sure you place them in the right spot. “If you leave it in the wrong place, no one will see it. You have to be focused.”

Yoshikawa, who previously worked at a data entry firm, joined USPS a year and a half ago. She’s happy she did.

“I think working for the Postal Service is wonderful. It feels good to help customers. It’s also important to know a little bit of everything. That’s how you learn and have the opportunity to advance in different areas of USPS,” she says.

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