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Compassionate carrier

Postal worker stands next to delivery vehicle
Beech Grove, IN, Letter Carrier Philip Davis

Letter Carrier Philip Davis was making deliveries in Beech Grove, IN, last December when he grew worried about an older customer who lives alone and had not picked up the previous day’s mail as usual.

Davis contacted local police and asked officers to check on the man, but they were unable to reach him.

The Postal Service employee then asked neighbors to locate one of the customer’s relatives, who soon discovered that the man was in dire need of medical attention after falling out of bed.

Paramedics were dispatched to take the customer to a hospital, and he is recovering from the incident.

“Philip is known for his compassion for others throughout the community,” said Beech Grove Postmaster Michelle Rockey. “If he had not taken action, the gentleman would have been in even more extreme danger.”

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