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Growing businesses

Entrepreneurs learn more about USPS

Mary Anderson, the Postal Service’s director of small-business engagement, addresses attendees at the symposium in Washington, DC, last week.

The Postal Service wants to help small-business owners find better ways to contact customers and grow their companies, USPS leaders told entrepreneurs at a symposium last week.

The event, held in Washington, DC, allowed small-business owners to learn about the latest postal products and services to help them better target and reach consumers.

“At the Postal Service, we’re working toward providing customers with a consistent, exceptional customer experience,” said Mary Anderson, the organization’s small-business engagement director. “Small businesses should feel welcomed and clearly understand the services were are offering. We’re honored to assist them.”

Attendees learned about Every Door Direct Mail, return shipping services, Informed Delivery and services under development.

There also was a question-and-answer discussion with small-business owners who are using USPS products and services to meet their marketing and delivery needs.

The symposium, organized by Capital Metro Area and Capital District, was held at the National Postal Museum.

The meeting was part of the Postal Service’s broader initiative to attract small-business customers and grow revenue. Other efforts include holding Grow Your Business Day events at Post Offices and participating in National Small Business Week each year.

At the symposium, Bert’a Holmes, president and chief executive officer of an Alexandria, VA-based interior design firm, told USPS leaders that she appreciated the organization’s efforts.

“I don’t know how you found me to invite me to this event,” Holmes said. “But I am thrilled with what I am hearing here. There are so many options I never knew were available.”

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