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Gaining knowledge

Managers receive training, strategies

Employees meet at a plant.
Irene Sherwood, a distribution operations manager at the Margaret L. Sellers Processing and Distribution Center in San Diego, addresses her peers during one of the recent meetings.

Pacific Area recently held a series of meetings to provide distribution operations managers with training and strategies to improve efficiency and productivity.

Distribution operations managers help ensure operations remain on track at mail processing facilities.

During the meetings, the managers were trained to use USPS tools to retrieve and analyze data and identify areas of improvement. Other sessions addressed performance management, problem solving and effectively working with other parts of Operations.

“This was a prime opportunity to expand our knowledge base as managers … and build our confidence in becoming effective leaders for this organization,” said Jorge Aguilar, a distribution operations manager at the Santa Ana, CA, Processing and Distribution Center.

The meetings align with the Postal Service’s efforts to engage, equip and empower employees, a core strategy. Other areas and districts hold similar meetings for managers, supervisors and workers.

Since Pacific Area’s meetings concluded, Operations Support Specialist Teresa Pelina said she has heard from plant managers who reported the information the participants received is finding its way to the workroom floor.

“I knew that we had hit on something when they reached out for more information to implement what they learned,” Pelina said. “They were showing their supervisors the tools and how to use them to help them manage their employees. It was awesome to see.”

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