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Employees helping USPS find sales leads

St. Petersburg, FL, Letter Carrier Lucas Roberts, center, receives recognition for submitting a sales lead during #LEADtheWay Month from Ernest Protho, left, customer services manager at the Crossroads Post Office, and Suncoast District Business Development Specialist Desai Abdul-Razzaaq.

The Postal Service is making progress toward its goal of generating 20,000 sales leads from employees in June, which the organization has designated as #LEADtheWay Month.

USPS offers five programs that allow employees to submit leads: Customer Connect (for letter carriers), Clerks Care (for distribution and machine clerks and retail associates), Mail Handlers (for mail handlers), Rural Reach (for rural carriers) and Submit a Lead (for everyone else, including Executive and Administrative Schedule employees).

So far this month, the programs have produced more than 10,000 leads, up 40 percent from the same point in June 2018. So far during the current fiscal year, the programs have produced more than 77,000 leads that have generated more than $676 million in estimated annualized revenue.

“Everyone knows a business that could benefit from using USPS products and services,” said Mary Anderson, the organization’s small-business sales director. “It could be a small business where you shop, a restaurant where you dine or a firm that provides you with professional services. #LEADtheWay Month is a great opportunity to provide the Postal Service with leads that could help us grow revenue.”

Lucas Roberts, a St. Petersburg, FL, letter carrier, participated in #LEADtheWay Month when he noticed that he was picking up a lot of packages from a customer on his route. Roberts talked to the customer, who explained he operates a home-based business on eBay selling cell phone accessories.

Roberts passed the information along to his manager, which eventually led to USPS closing a sale with the customer that will lead to $60,560 in new revenue.

“I love bringing joy to the customers and the look on their face when I have delivered excellent customer service,” Roberts said.

To submit a lead during #LEADtheWay Month, complete a lead submission card, talk to a local USPS business development specialist or enter the information through the submit a lead link on Blue.

Said Anderson: “When you submit a lead and encourage others to do the same, you are leading the way. That’s what this challenge is all about, and we need everyone to do their part.”

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