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Rural reliability

On the Job: Carrier strives for dependability

Manassas, VA, Rural Carrier Jason Stokes takes pride in being punctual and avoiding misdeliveries.

My name is Jason Stokes, and I’m a rural carrier in Manassas, VA. My customers like knowing they will get their mail at the same time each day, so I strive to provide on-time deliveries they can depend on.

I start my shift by “casing” my mail and loading my truck. I have one of two business routes in Manassas, which means that more than 80 percent of my deliveries are to organizations, including a university and a global aerospace company. It takes several hours to finish the deliveries.

After leaving a residential route two years ago, I had to get used to climbing more stairs and walking a lot more to make the business deliveries. It’s all about going with the flow, though. You’ll be less stressed if you do that and have a much better time at work.

Mondays are my busiest days because many of the businesses are closed on Saturdays, so I also deliver their weekend mail.

I pride myself on being punctual and avoiding misdeliveries, which my customers appreciate. It’s nice to see them happy and smiling.

When I’m not at work, I’m busy at home. My wife, Emily, is a retail associate at the Front Royal, VA, Post Office. I also have four kids: Mikaylah, 19; twins, Amelia and Carmella, 8; and my son, Alexander, 6. I’m a hands-on dad. My kids are definitely my life.

I enjoy reading in my spare time and try to get my kids into books the way that I am.

I’ve been with the Postal Service for 20 years, and staying this long has helped my family. We were able to purchase a home a few years ago. This is a really good job that keeps us happy.

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