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Mobile printing

Feature available on USPS devices

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The ePrint system allows you to use USPS-issued mobile devices to print emails and attached documents.

Managed Print Services wants you to know about ePrint, a mobile printing system that allows you to use USPS-issued mobile devices — including smartphones, tablets and laptops — to print emails and attached documents.

This feature comes in handy if you’re away from your desk or if you’re visiting a postal facility and need to print a document quickly. To do so, submit your print request to the nearest ePrint-designated printer, then wait for an email notification when your documents are ready to be picked up.

You can use ePrint to print documents in several formats, including GIF, JPG, Outlook, PDF and Word files.

To use ePrint, create an Outlook contact for the ePrint-designated printer by scanning the QR barcode listed on the printer or open a new Outlook email message and type the unique email address for the printer. The print job is submitted through Outlook, so it will follow the security protocols for email messages.

The USPS Knowledge Base site has detailed instructions on how to scan the QR barcode and create the printer as an Outlook contact.

The Managed Print Services site has additional information on printing services.

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