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‘So conscientious’

Abrams, WI, Rural Carrier Associate Bridget Lipp

Rural Carrier Associate Bridget Lipp was delivering mail in March on an isolated dead-end road in Abrams, WI, when she spotted a 95-year-old customer, Alma Rowell, on the ground outside her home.

Lipp rushed to aid Rowell, who had been stranded in 18-degree temperatures for two hours after falling while shoveling snow.

The Postal Service employee got Rowell into her home and called her son-in-law, Jim Gatz, who soon arrived to provide further assistance.

Gatz later mailed a letter to the local Post Office.

“I am convinced that had Bridget not been there at the right time, this would have had a much worse outcome,” Gatz wrote. “The Rowell family and I are extremely grateful for the help Bridget provided and for her being so conscientious.”

Rowell, whose injuries required treatment at a local hospital, is recovering.

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