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Managers reviewing Postal Pulse comments

USPS Postal Pulse survey
USPS managers are making workplace improvements based on the more than 93,000 comments received through last year’s Postal Pulse employee survey.

While USPS employees are participating in the latest Postal Pulse survey, managers are making improvements based on comments from last year’s survey.

The surveys, which began in 2015, did not give employees the opportunity to make comments, but that changed last year.

“Employees requested that we include a comment box, so we did that,” said Employee Engagement Executive Director Kelvin Williams.

The 2018 survey produced more than 93,000 comments.

Gallup, the company that conducts the survey, took the anonymous comments and grouped them into themes, which were then shared with USPS leadership, who in turn shared the results with their teams. The results are now being shared at the local level.

“Everything’s confidential, but the comments give managers an idea of what employees are saying,” Williams said.

The sixth Postal Pulse survey — now underway through Friday, June 14 — also offers an opportunity for employee comments, Williams said, but this time there is a specific question: What one thing would you do within your team to improve the level of engagement?

“Now we are getting more focused. We’ll have more follow-up questions in subsequent surveys,” Williams said. “It’s a journey for continuous improvement through engagement.”

Bargaining employees received the survey at their homes and workplaces, while non-bargaining employees received an email that allows them to complete the survey on a secure site run by Gallup.

Additionally, all employees can take the survey on LiteBlue.

Although employees are being given several options to participate, only the first survey received by Gallup for each employee will be counted.

If you have questions about the Postal Pulse survey or want more information, you can email the Employee Engagement team at or go to the Employee Engagement LiteBlue page.

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