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On the Job: Clerk keeps moving forward

Smiling worker stands near machinery on postal plant floor
Merrifield, VA, Computerized Forwarding System Clerk James Milburn Jr. helps ensure mail is processed correctly.

My name is James Milburn Jr., and I’m a Computerized Forwarding System clerk at the Merrifield, VA, Processing and Distribution Center. I handle mail with addresses that machines can’t read, as well as mail that needs to be forwarded to customers who’ve moved.

I joined the Postal Service 38 years ago, but I’ve only worked in my current job for about four years. Previously, I worked in automation and operated the flat sorter machine. Before I began my postal career, I worked several jobs, including delivering newspapers, driving a school bus and working at a gas station. Then God blessed me with the opportunity to work for USPS.

I like doing my job well. I never see our customers, but I know what it’s like to be one. I want my mail to be processed and delivered correctly. Why wouldn’t I put in the time to make sure the customer’s mail gets done right?

I work with good people. I have a co-worker who goes above and beyond. She also happens to be my wife, Sylvia. We’ve known each other for about 30 years. We were best friends before we began dating, then we got married eight years ago.

When I’m not working, I spend time with my family, including my son, James, and my granddaughter, Aleena, who I call “Honey Bunny.” I go to church and I like sports. I have season tickets to Washington Capitals and Washington Redskins games.

I like working for the Postal Service. Don’t put down USPS in my presence. It has helped me provide for my family. It’s a great career. How can you not like that?

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