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Riding the rails

Stamps to be released May 10

Transcontinental Railroad stamps
The Transcontinental Railroad stamps depict the Jupiter and No. 119 locomotives and the golden spike used to mark the railroad’s completion in 1869.

The Postal Service will release its Transcontinental Railroad stamps Friday, May 10.

The stamps will celebrate the 150th anniversary of the cross-country railroad, which was one of the great achievements of the era. The completion was marked by the “golden spike ceremony,” held May 10, 1869.

Reminiscent of 19th-century oil paintings, the three distinct stamp designs feature the Jupiter and No. 119 locomotives bordering the famous golden spike that was used in the ceremony.

Greg Breeding, a USPS art director, designed the stamps.

Michael J. Deas illustrated the Jupiter and No. 119 stamps using traditional 19th-century oil painting techniques. Kevin Cantrell illustrated the stamp depicting the ceremonial golden spike and did the border treatments and typography for all three stamps.

Dedication of the stamps will take place at the Golden Spike National Historic Site in Promontory Summit, UT.

The stamps will be available at Post Offices and

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