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Tokens of appreciation

USPS offers special coins to veterans

Coin bearing American flag image
One side of the USPS military challenge-style coin features an American flag design stamped with the words “Proud Veteran.”

USPS is once again honoring employees who are veterans and have five years of postal service with military-style challenge coins.

Historically, challenge coins symbolize military unit identity and camaraderie. They are awarded to service members for special achievement or mission participation.

USPS is offering eligible veterans the coins to mark Military Appreciation Month, which is observed each May.

“The Postal Service employs approximately 100,000 military veterans and service members, and we are proud to be able to show our gratitude for their contributions to the nation in uniform and to postal operations,” said Acting Chief Human Resources Officer Isaac Cronkhite.

The coin is double-sided and shaped like a military dog tag. One side displays the Postal Service logo and a message thanking the employee for his or her service. The other side features an American flag design stamped with the words “Proud Veteran.”

Employees who are veterans and have reached the five-year service mark will receive a coin and letter of thanks from Postmaster General Megan J. Brennan. All other veterans will receive a signed certificate of appreciation.

USPS will present the coins, letters and certificates to employees at local recognition events throughout May.

The organization also presented coins to employees who are veterans last year.

Employees who have questions can contact their district’s veterans coordinator. A list is available on LiteBlue.

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