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Best Practices: Keeping customers satisfied

Lowell, IN, Letter Carrier Joseph DeRolf
Lowell, IN, Letter Carrier Joseph DeRolf works to keep customers satisfied.

Joseph DeRolf is always focused on his customers.

The Lowell, IN, letter carrier wants each delivery to go smoothly.

“I strive for excellence in everything I do,” he says. “I enjoy bringing a service to this community and putting a smile on people’s faces.”

The Postal Service wants all employees to bring this approach to their work. By delivering excellent customer experiences — one of the organization’s core strategies — USPS aims to build loyalty and grow revenue.

To help his co-workers, DeRolf offers three tips:

• Do the right thing. No matter where you work in the Postal Service, strive for accuracy.

For example, if your job is to deliver mail and packages, double check the name and address on each piece to ensure it reaches the correct destination.

If you’re a retail associate, educate yourself on postal offerings so you can help customers find the products and services that best meet their needs.

• Scan properly. Scanning allows customers to track their mail and packages as they move through the postal network. Each scan matters, so no matter where you work in the organization, if your job involves scanning, make you sure do it properly.

• Be responsive. If a customer expresses concern about service, follow up with him or her to address their needs.

DeRolf is a third-generation letter carrier, following in the footsteps of his mother and grandfather. He considers it “an honor” to keep up the family tradition.

“I know my mom and grandfather would be proud,” DeRolf says.

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