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Good housekeeping

Best Practices: Keeping workplaces neat, orderly

Spotsylvania, VA, Post Office Custodian Mario Figueroa
Mario Figueroa, a custodian at the Spotsylvania, VA, Post Office, takes pride in creating a neat, orderly workplace.

Mario Figueroa always keeps it clean.

Figueroa is a custodian at the Spotsylvania, VA, Post Office, where he has a reputation for ensuring everything is spotless.

“I get satisfaction from knowing that our customers and employees come to a clean office,” he says.

USPS encourages employees to take this approach to their work. Ensuring postal workplaces are pristine will make a good impression on customers, which will drive loyalty and revenue.

To help employees, Figueroa offers these tips:

• Keep things neat and orderly. People feel better when their surroundings are clean and organized — whether it’s a retail lobby, a workroom, an office or someplace else.

• Take pride in what you do. “The most important part of effective housekeeping is motivation,” Figueroa says. “If you have the desire, you can do it all.”

• Strive for perfection. “Do it the right way or don’t do it all.”

It’s also important to stay safe, says Figueroa, who serves as a safety ambassador at his office.

“I care for the safety of everybody in the office. I want to make sure everybody goes home safely,” he says.

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