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Embracing innovation

On the Job: Guiding USPS in the digital age

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Product Technology Innovation Director Bob Dixon helps USPS serve digitally savvy customers.

My name is Bob Dixon, and I’m the product technology innovation director at USPS headquarters in Washington, DC. I help develop products and services that meet our customers’ needs in the digital age.

I have the best job in the Postal Service. I get to work with businesses, customers and internal clients to figure out how we can use technology to solve their problems. My team and I support a variety of online tools, including Click-N-Ship, as well as software vendors who work with our shipping and mailing systems.

We also oversee Informed Delivery, which is changing the way people interact with their mail. We find new uses for Informed Delivery every day, whether it’s exploring ways to use it to send service updates to customers who’ve been affected by natural disasters or improving how customers receive marketing content.

Previously, I worked for a startup in the Washington, DC, area. We did consulting, software development and some of the first web-based applications in the mid-1990s. I joined USPS about 12 years ago.

The Postal Service is unique because there’s nowhere else where you can work on projects of this size and scale. To me, it’s amazing to think that the work I do affects every single person in the country. Who else gets to say that as part of their job?

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