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Earth Day, every day

USPS works to help environment

Hand places paper in recycling bin
USPS promotes recycling throughout its network, part of the organization’s focus on sustainability.

The Postal Service is continuing its efforts to become more sustainable, a longstanding priority that allows the organization to help the environment while boosting efficiency.

USPS reduces its environmental impact through initiatives like the National Recycling Operation, a program that standardizes postal recycling, and lean green teams, which are local employee groups that seek ways to cut energy costs and tackle other projects.

These efforts are producing results: The Postal Service’s Annual Sustainability Report — scheduled for release April 22, which is Earth Day — will show the organization is continuing to reduce facility energy usage and divert waste from landfills, among other achievements.

“The Postal Service takes its commitment to sustainability seriously,” said Chief Sustainability Officer Tom Day. “We continue to show that these efforts aren’t just good for the planet — they’re also good for business.”

To further mark Earth Day, USPS is highlighting its recycling efforts, including a management instruction that took effect in February, as well as initiatives to ease the recycling of discarded mail in Post Office lobbies and undeliverable Marking Mail, batteries, electronic waste and toner cartridges at all facilities.

The Postal Bulletin’s April 11 edition has more information about the recycling programs, while the Sustainability Blue page has an overview of all initiatives and an Earth Day section.

Fredonia, NY, Postmaster Tim Sullivan applauds the Postal Service’s efforts, especially its focus on recycling.

“We deliver, but before we can deliver, we sort,” Sullivan said. “Proper sorting is crucial to complete our job. We are the best sorters in the world, so let’s also be the best for our world by sorting and delivering our recyclables to a reuse destination.”

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