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On the Job: Providing customer care

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Troy, MI, Customer Care Agent Rosalind Ballard helps USPS serve customers by phone.

My name is Rosalind Ballard, and I’m a customer care agent in Troy, MI. My job is to ensure that people who call 800-ASK-USPS with product and service questions receive the help they need.

How I handle the call depends on the nature of the issue. For example, if someone calls about a stolen package, I document the issue to generate a case number. I then refer the case to a loss prevention agent or to the customer’s Post Office.

I also process stamp orders from individuals, businesses and philatelic groups. I’ve recently received a lot of requests for the new Sesame Street and Marvin Gaye stamps.

Providing excellent customer care helps me fulfill the Postal Service’s mission. This includes communicating our core values. Customers know we deliver mail to their box, but they aren’t always aware of how it gets there. I bridge that gap.

I joined the Postal Service 24 years ago on the recommendation of a family member who worked here. I’ve held several different jobs, including a detail assignment as a sales manager. I’m very proud to also have earned my master’s degree in organizational management while working full time. I moved into my current role in 2012.

When I’m not at work, I love spending time with my daughter, Jazlind, who works as a nurse’s aide, and my 3-year-old grandson, Jacob. I enjoy dancing and traveling, too, especially on cruises. I’m active in my church and I also spend time performing community service.

I thank God I haven’t had to worry about health care and not getting a paycheck in the past 24 years. The Postal Service has been a blessing for me and my family.

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