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Frogs, dogs and more

Stamp dates, dedication cities announced

969: First Moon Landing, Frogs and Military Working Dogs stamps.
USPS has announced release dates for, clockwise from top left, State and County Fairs, 1969: First Moon Landing, Frogs and Military Working Dogs.

The Postal Service has announced dates for four stamp releases, along with the cities where the stamps will be dedicated.

The releases are:

  • Frogs, Tuesday, July 9, Boise, ID
  • 1969: First Moon Landing, Friday, July 19, Cape Canaveral, FL
  • State and County Fairs, Thursday, July 25, Minot, ND
  • Military Working Dogs, Thursday, Aug. 1, Omaha, NE

USPS announced these stamps in November, January and March.

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